Drop Four in a Row

4.3 ( 4893 ratings )
Gry Rozrywka Planszowe Strategiczne
Desenvolvedor: Chronological Ltd


A brilliantly brain challenging version of the classic game...
In STANDARD mode enjoy the classic simplicity of this game and battle your opponent to be the first to connect 4 in a row.

In DROP ROW mode prepare for a twist! Filling the bottom row makes it disappear from play so you can scupper your opponents attempts to win the game by eliminating their counters.

- Choose between STANDARD and DROP ROW game play
- In each case you need to connect four in a row
- 7 difficulty levels versus iPhone/iPod Touch
- Will you be able to win at all theses levels
- Play your friends on the same device
- Optional move timer - custom set the move timer, take too long and your iPhone/iPod Touch makes a random move for you
. UNDO removes the last move even if you have lost.

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Also Available in an ad free version